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Ivan Aculov is trained singer and a successful songwriter. He himself participated in many festivals, while his compositions are performed by many popstars, both in Moldova and abroad. Just one example is the song "Wild Soul", performed by Cristina Scarlat, that represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen.
If you have music in your heart, and you want to develop your singing skills, Ivan Akulov is the one who can help you realize your dream. He offlers all students lessons in pop and jazz singing. Regardless of age and music type, Ivan Aculov will help you develop a singing machine, musical ear, and discover the incredible world of music!

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Ivan Aculov was born on 26 January 1985 into a family of artists in Moldova. His father, a leading hornist of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet, and his mother, actress and stage director, have seeded a love of music and arts in general, and steered him at developing his artistic skills since his early childhood. As early as the age of four he began studying solfeggio and playing the flute block (ie. recoder), and subsequently attended a music school for gifted children „Sergey Rachmaninov“. During attendance he won numerous awards on international competitions all over Europe. After the twelfth grade he officially became an artist of Orchestra and Opera Theater, and has toured around the world. After graduating with honors, he enrolled in the conservatory, which at that time was called the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts. Continuing his work in Opera theater, Ivan enrolls another specialist studiy within the same Academy - pop-jazz vocals, while simultaneously teaches singing at the famous singing studio "Starty" and at his own school of singing "Pop-Jazzy" that he founded. After graduating two specialist degrees, french horn and pop-jazz vocals, at the Music Academy, Ivan acquires the master's degree of singing. In early 2017 he was invited to record a song in Serbia with Maja Odžaklievska and decided to stay in Serbia.
Having acquired a Masters degree in singing, Ivan Aculov decided to teach singing to others. Arriving in Serbia he continues with the same educational practice, giving private, individul singing lessons in Belgrade. Ivan Aculov managed, thanks to his acquired education, rich practice and numerous achievements in the field of singing and composing, to develop his own and unique method of teaching. Ivan Aculov's singing lessions are intended for all who love music and want to either develop or hone their singing skills, no matter their age, prior musical experience and education. That which Ivan Aculov offers is help in developing a voice for singing, ear for music, vocal stamina, and to teach the secrets of proper singing and to disclose the amazing world of music. Students of Ivan Aculov have to date won awards in various competitions around the world. Whether you want to learn how to sing just for yourself, as a hobby, or to develop your professional skills, Ivan Aculov will, by using his own unique method, teach you to sing and realize your musical dream.
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